How can we earn money from instagram in 2022

how can we earn money from instagram – Friends, in this article, earn money online from Instagram. You must have heard that so if you also want to earn money from Instagram. Do you use Instagram account? So you need to know this. Because you don’t know. how to make money by creating instagram page

Nowadays, they like to spend more time on the Internet in social media accounts. In which people get someone’s motivation video, photo, story, pictures and money from Instagram in Instagram. The answer to this question must have come in your mind.

What is instagram account

Instagram account is the first in the list of largest social media network in India. Every third day a new account is created in Instagram. Everyone’s name remains unique in an Instagram account. that is recognized by the people. and are interconnected with each other.

How can we earn money from instagram?

To earn money from Instagram also has to work hard. Just like sowing the seed of a crop in the field does not produce grain. He is well taken care of. And when needed, farmers have to use medicines (irrigation). Only then we get good and more quantity of grain production. How to work on your Instagram account. Let’s find out

1. Choose The Niche

When do you create an Instagram account? Till there it’s fine. After this, choose the one of your choice in which you are 100% interested. Select the same low. To hold on to one thing is to walk. Because that’s where your door of success lies. If you have interest or knowledge in any one of these. Banking, Finance, Health, Arts (Design), Biography, Photo shoot, Cooking, Fashion, Travel place, Motivation speaker No matter which field your mind plays more.

At the same time, the Instagram account has to carry a low. It takes some time. But it may take 1 to 2 years for you to get its results or grow a better Instagram account. You just need to be patient.

2. Stories

Startup in Instagram account Every day you have to put a post in one. But you also have to mention at least 5 stories with him everyday. If you want to increase Instagram followers soon. So you have to do this in this Instagram does a good job of getting success in ID. Because people like to see stories of others.

You have to enter unique post to get more followers. In which people can get value and in this way more people visit your account. Use # to make your story and post unique.

3. Post Consistency

Creating an Instagram account does not increase followers. Some things that Matter does to increase Reach in Instagram. Who would not know. You have to post every day. It is necessary to know the time the user is active. Have chosen your low. Every day Post, Stories, Reels related to the same, you put two videos in a week, it takes some time to get the result. But you have to enter Post Consistency content.

That’s why you need to manage Instagram posting time and use # to attract people. But don’t do the same thing. To increase the value of the post, you have to use photo editor. Every day 4 stories have to be put along with one post. After the account is grown, 2 is put. Even then it will work, but in the beginning you have to share the post daily.

4. Engagement Post

Followers are not seen in Instagram account. How many people do you think are inspired? In addition to comment likes, shares are seen. Other people join you too. That’s why you can increase engagement by putting someone else’s guest post or by taking a live interview of a famous Instagram user. You just need to approach. Do more valuable things, this increases the value of your page.

Apart from this, there is a need to put a post on the trending topic. You can QN. This also increases engagement on the post. People ask questions. You have to talk live with your followers to solve it.

5. Extra Promotion

What do you have to do to increase your followers on Instagram? How many followers do you get to make money online from Instagram? or not coming. So you can take advice from your expert. The famous Instagram user who is closest to you puts your lowly related post. Different Unique Hashtags have to be used.

People use the same #tags. You don’t have to do that. Because people also see Look with new posts. Due to this, it takes less time for your account to grow. Have to learn to edit photo class. Do things that make people feel good. Apart from this, you have to meet any other account owner of your Niche’s followers. Share each other’s post. Extra promotion.

How can we earn money from instagram

This question comes after the followers increase in the Instagram account. that how to earn money If you want to earn more money from Instagram. So follow the steps given below-

1. On promoting the brand

Friends, by working hard, suppose you make followers in your fashion Instagram account. So you can earn more money by giving ads to your own household items on Instagram account. Apart from this, big companies give money for promoting the product. You can earn 30,000 months of money by promoting the brand of clothes, shoes, cafes, T-shirts, watches, rings, etc. by putting them in the Instagram page.

Whether you can do any company’s Nike, Reebok, Allen Solly, Levi’s, Mufti, HMT Watch, Asian, Compus, Adidas, Puma, Bata apart from this other company. Promote a good brand. You have to promote such things as your followers like. Otherwise you can also unfollow the user. That’s why you have to promote the Brand of Quality & Valuable Company. Keeping your followers in mind, no one can stop you from earning money.

2. On selling the photo

If you like taking photos. And love to edit photos and you are a good photographer. So you have to keep posting the photo in your Instagram account. You can earn good money by selling your photos on Instagram. Leave a watermark on the bottom of the clicked photo. After this, you have to mention your contact details in the description. By doing this, if someone likes your photo.

So for that image contact you directly. Professional photo should be there. Apart from this, the photo has to be put in the Instagram page as it gets the value of the creative and the user. You can earn 25000 to 30000 thousand rupees a month by selling your photo.

3. On promotion of another account

You have too many followers in your Instagram account. Wherein your 2 to 3 lakh followers are engaged in the post. Many people contact you to increase their followers. That’s how much you charge for putting stories and posts of our account in your account. Or how much would you like to charge for promoting my account.

Instagram users pay very good money to their followers. You can charge different stories and posts separately. Similarly, by promoting the account of others, you can earn from 30,000 to 60,000 a month.

4. On Affiliate Marketing

Do you know Affiliate Marketing Program? Many people are confused by the name itself. That’s why we have told this article. So read it carefully. Because this is where you get the most money from Instagram. So let’s know well if you have a shoe shop. And it’s not selling. So you keep your shop guy on some 10% commission for every shoe he sells.

Affiliate Marketing Program is created to sell Amazon Affiliate, Flipkart Affiliate online products. In which Shoes, Health, Fusion, Food, are done by putting AIDS in the account of Instagram user. But your niche is seen. An online Ads link is created in the same type of Instagram account. Which buys the same by clicking the link on your Instagram account. In return, you get 10% to 15% commission depending on the product.

Like your Fashion Instagram page. In it, you put posts, stories, reels videos wearing different types of clothes and shoes. And your user share comment, like. This allows the affiliate program to place an ad link of shoes and brand clothing on your Instagram page.

Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Programs run the most. And Amazon is quite popular in India. People like to buy goods from Amazon. Offers run from time to time. In this way, from Affiliate Marketing Program in your Instagram account, you can earn from 50,000 to 1,000,000 lakhs per month.

5. Make Money From Instagram By Selling Your Product

If you want to shift your shop online. Then Instagram is a great tool for you. If your watch shop and more customers shop is not coming. So you need to make the shop online. You can earn good money from this. You can promote your shop yourself or make a watch list and put it in an Instagram post.

You have to increase the sales of your product well. So please mention the product name, details well. Because people should see well in Instagram page. And you can earn 20,000 to 25,000 a month by putting it in your posts and stories every day.

6. Make Money Selling Instagram Accounts

If your Instagram page has good engagement with many followers. And the account is made on a popular Niche. Which is Instagram Responsive. In which the engagement of the people is good. So in such a situation, you can earn big by selling your Instagram account. More than 2 lakh followers are on your touch. In this case, anyone can buy your account.

To sell an Instagram account, screenshots have to be posted in Contacts and Descriptions. Which a user wants to buy. It first looks at the Engagement & Highlights of your account. That the followers in your account are correct. Or not so you have to increase Engagement in Instagram account first.

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