How to Earn money from whatsapp

As you know that you do not get money for running whatsapp, because whatsapp itself is a free app, but there are such features available in whatsapp with the help of which you can earn a lot of money, whatsapp from facebook all over the world. It is also the most used app!

Some essential things to earn money from Whatsapp

It is very easy to earn money from Whatsapp but for this it is very important for you to have some things.

  1. First of all you must have a smartphone
  2. whatsapp must be installed in smartphone
  3. Must have internet connection
  4. There should be many whatsapp groups and there should be such groups in which maximum number of members are added, only 256 members can be added in each whatsapp group.
  5. You should have many whatsapp numbers in your phone

Ways to earn money from Whatsapp

There are many ways to earn money from Whatsapp but if you follow those methods then only you will be able to earn money from whatsapp, if you want to earn money from whatsapp then first you have to join many whatsapp group whatsapp group with the help of google You can also join, just you have to search by writing whatsapp group link in google ‘s search box, you will find many websites with the help of which category you want to join whatsapp group , now I will give you money from whatsapp I will tell you how to earn!

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing Through Whatsapp

Affiliate marketing is the biggest platform in the ways of earning money from Whatsapp, for those who do not know about affiliate marketing, let me tell them, this is a way to sell other’s products by yourself, for which you get money and this method is the best way to earn money online. Affiliate marketing proved to be more effective , people earn millions of rupees a month, affiliate marketing means selling the product of any e-commerce website by yourself, in exchange for which that company gives you commission, all this work is commission based Meaning, if you sell the product of a branded company, then that company will give you some commission on every sale, it is a simple matter, the more you sell ,

The more money you will earn, there are many such in the world. There are companies that encourage people to sell their product, in return for which they also give a very good commission, so you have to join a good affiliate program to earn money from whatsapp, and link to their product. Sending to various whatsapp groups and all your whatsapp members, whoever buys any product through the link shared by you, you will get money, I am giving the names of some such websites below which support the Affiliate Program. You can start earning by joining any affiliate program .

Best Affiliate Programs

  • reseller club
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Cuelinks
  • ClickBank
  • SEMrush
  • Snapdeal
  • Shopify
  • CJ Affiliate

Earn Money by Link Shortening through Whatsapp

Link shortening This method is also very easy and good to earn money from WhatsApp, because in this you do not have to do much thinking, you just have to make a short link, for this you need a good link shortening website Like , you can shorten the link using this, then share it to whatsapp group and all your friends and relatives, when someone clicks on that link, you get money, before shortening the link, you have to make a big link. One has to find a big popular website, and find a topic that is viral, which people are searching a lot, as if there is a topic how to earn money.

This is a viral topic that is searched a lot on google, there is such a topic that people want to know about, you have to find that topic then copy its link, and link shortening website With the help of shortening its link, I will tell you the names of some good link shortening websites below, with the help of which you can shorten the link, after that you have to share that link to as many whatsapp groups and members as possible,

When someone clicks on the link shared by you, first of all an advertisement of 5 seconds will come in front of him, which will give you money, it is a simple matter that the more you click on your link, the more money you will get, and one thing to know in this is It is also that money is available in this according to the country, meaning like you have Australia, Canada, UK, America,If you get clicks from abroad, Germany etc., then your earning will be more, whereas if clicks come from India, then earning will be a little less, you just have to do a little hard work in this that you have to find such topics, which are being searched a lot. !

Link Shortener Websites


Earn Money From PPD Network Through Whatsapp

Many of you will not know about PPD, let me tell them the full form of PPD is Pay Per Download, This is a network that pays you to download a file, in today’s era the internet has become very cheap and its speed has also become very fast, everyone uses the internet nowadays and when Also any new thing comes on the internet like New Movie, New Song, New Games, New App, Important Documents or any Viral Video etc. People download it very quickly, just you have to create your account on any such PPD network. And upload your file like movie, song, app, photo etc. on their website, and share its link in all your whatsapp group and your whatsapp member, as the download number of your file will increase. Well you will keep making money!

Earn money by promoting YouTube Channels and Websites

Friends, since the Internet has become cheaper, people have moved very fast towards earning money online, that is why people ‘s interest in making their career in YouTube and website has increased a lot, when people create a new YouTube channel or website , they Always trying to get more views on their YouTube channel and more traffic on their website , they are always on the lookout for people who can promote their website or channel , if you have a lot of whatsapp groups .

And if you have contact , then you have to contact such Youtuber and blogger who want to promote their channel and website, talk to them and tell that you can bring very good traffic on their website or channel in a very short time but In return, they will have to pay money and in such a situation, youtubers and bloggers who are new do not have much traffic, and they themselves are always looking for people like you, where they get good traffic in exchange for little money, then they Will never turn down your offer, you just have to find such blogger or youtuber, this is paid promotionIt is said that in this way you can earn money by promoting YouTube channel and website from WhatsApp.

Earn Money From Referral Program Through Whatsapp

Friends, you must have seen that sometimes one of your friends or acquaintances must have sent you a link of an app on whatsapp, in which it will be written, download it and earn so much money, friends, this is called a referral program , like this on Google Play-Store. There are many android applications available, which give you money on referral, like phonepe , Dream 11 fantasy cricket , TaskBucks , Earn Talktime , OneAd android appetc.,

For your information, let me tell you in advance that there are some applications in this which can give you good money and some apps are such that you can do your free recharge or shopping, and through these apps There is also a limit to withdraw earned money like 50, 100, 200, in this way if you have many whatsapp groups, then you can earn good by sharing this type of app in all whatsapp group and you There is income in this only when someone else downloads that app from the link shared by you, only then you will be able to earn in it, so the more you get people to download the app, the more you will be able to earn money!

Earn money from Whatsapp by selling your product

If you do any business or you have a product that you sell in the market, then you can promote your business or product in whatsapp group, there are 256 members in each group of whatsapp, if you also join 10 groups with 256 members. If you do and share your product daily in these 10 groups, then daily 2560 people will know about your product and from here

your sales will increase and you will earn a lot of money from whatsapp, for this whatsapp has launched a separate Whatsapp business Which will go a long way in increasing your business! This is a very great way to connect many people with your business and make your business bigger, all you have to do is share the photo of your product and information about it in the whatsapp group everyday!

How to earn Money from Whatsapp Status?

Friends, many people make very good status, but do you know that a lot of money can be earned from whatsapp status too, there are many websites on the internet that give money to write whatsapp status and upload status, All you have to do is find such a good website and go to those websites and write good status for them,

you can write these status shayari, quotes, in such a way that they give you money, the purpose of these websites is to increase visitors to your website. It happens, but you can earn from this kind of website only when you write more than 100 status on these websites, all you have to do is to find this type of website on the internet and go to it and register yourself, then you can register for them. You can write status and start earning!

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