How to make a career in blogging – from part time to full time

How to make a career in blogging: You must have heard or seen on the Internet that many bloggers have made their career in blogging.


But is it possible for everyone?

Because doing a career in blogging means you will not do a job or any other work with blogging.
You will earn maximum money and name only from blogging.

I think making a career in blogging is not easy, but if you want, it is definitely possible .

You just need to know a few things for this.

Which we are going to tell you today.

So let us know in detail about how to make a career in blogging .

Is it right or not to make a career in blogging in 2022?

You will also know how worried everyone is about their career.

In such a situation, if you talk about making a career in a field like blogging, then many people will tell you that blogging has no future, it is not right to make a career in it.

But this is not true. People say this just because they do not have much knowledge about blogging.

Talking about these days, very few people in India know blogging. And out of those who know blogging, very few people do blogging and are successful in blogging and make a career.

So let’s know about some successful bloggers who have made their career in blogging.

1. Harsh Agarwal –

He has been blogging since last 10 years. In the beginning, he started with part time. But after some time, he left the job and started blogging full time. And today it is one of the most successful and popular blogger of India. Who teaches about blogging, digital marketing in his blog. This can become a source of inspiration for you to make a career in blogging.

2. Prabhanjan Sahu –

Instead of doing a job after studying, he thought of making a career in blogging. After initial failure, today it is a very big name in Hindi blogger. Every Hindi blogger can learn from them how to write a complete quality content. It is in blogging for the last 7 years and he has achieved a lot from blogging.

3. Abhimanyu Bhardwaj –

This is a Hindi blogger. He started blogging part time in the beginning. He used to do blogging with a government job but after some time he started blogging full time. He teaches about computers in his blog, as well as you will get to read about blogging, technology on his blog. Apart from this, he is also a youtuber.

The most important thing is that their blog is still on Blogger.

future of blogging

Talking about the future of blogging, due to the increasing internet users , mobile users , and low prices of data, it seems that everyone will search on the internet to know anything.

The first blog was created in 1994 and today blogging has been more than 26 years.

But in these years blogging has always progressed.

And today there are 570 million blogs on the Internet as well as 7 million blog posts are published every day. And 77% of internet users blog regularly.

This shows that blogging is definitely going to have a good future for the next 20 years.

The way of blogging can change, but the future of blogging is definitely bright.

Many people say that nowadays people prefer to watch YouTube instead of blog

how to make a career in blogging

You must have a passion for learning

If you want to make a career in blogging but you do not have the passion to learn, then you will never be successful in blogging.

Because in today’s days the competition in blogging is increasing.

In such a situation, if you do not work hard in blogging, do not write better content than others, do not do good SEO, then you will be left behind.

You have to keep learning all these things continuously to do better than others.

You have to keep using different strategies.

That’s why it is very important for every blogger to always learn the attitude.

love to read and write

You must have heard that every successful man says that you should do your favorite thing. Only then will you be more successful.

Because you will not be too lazy to do your favorite work without money.

Blogging means writing , and to write well, you have to read continuously .

have to be patient

Many people start blogging but after 5-6 months they also leave blogging.

But this is wrong. Because if you want to earn money from blogging for a long time, then you have to work hard for a long time in blogging.

Sometimes it may take 1 year or more to get success in blogging initially.

And sometimes it may take up to 3 to 4 years for you to earn good money from blogging.

So here comes the matter of how much patience you have. If you show patience with hard work in blogging, then no one can stop you from succeeding in blogging.

you need to be disciplined

Many people think that blogging is very easy but I agree that blogging is very difficult.

You have to publish new posts on your blog continuously.

But you sometimes think that let’s do tomorrow.

Because you have no one to ask, you have no boss.

But if you do this again and again, then the traffic of your blog may fall.

So it is very important to bring discipline in your work.

Most bloggers do blogging from home, so they can get bored sometimes.

But to overcome this, you can also take office and start going to office everyday and blogging from there.

This will maintain your discipline.

Must have more than one income source

If you are going to make a career in blogging then you should never depend on one income source.

Because if you do this then your blogging career may be in danger.

If you make a career in blogging, that means you will not do a job and any other business with him.

In such a situation, what will you do if your income stops due to some reason? Here your blogging career will end.

That’s why you should create more than one income source.

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